200 Limited Edition Perfect 36 brooches for TWSM

In 2015-2016, I was honored to be asked to design and create 200 Limited Edition Perfect 36 brooches for the Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument board as a fundraiser. Tennessee was the Perfect 36, the 36th state to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. It was highly important to me to create a brooch tTWSMbrooches-1LRhat symbolized the suffragists’ movement, including the yellow rose. The suffragists’ colors were purple, yellow and white. The concept of the wing was significant for “Iron-Jawed Angels,” “V” for the vote, forward-moving and winged victory.

I chose an art deco V wing for my own brooch.

TWSMbrooch2-LRThe final brooches were created of pearls, the Tennessee gemstone, yellow jade for prosperity and courage, and purple fluorite, the genius stone. The brooches are $100 each as designed.

TWSMbrooch3-LRA specially-commissioned brooch created with pearls, golden citrine and multiple amethysts is $250. For the $100 brooch, call or email Yvonne Wood. Shipping is $5. Yvonne Wood. Wood Conference & Event Planning
405 Westland Drive. Lebanon, TN 37087
H: 615-444-9663 M:615-969-2857
Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument Board


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