For Divas, Goddesses, Earth Mothers, Brides and the WOW Factor Women: Gemstones for life!

Welcome to Reconfigured Art Jewelry where the question is: What gemstones should you wear on your life’s journey? Should they be wrapped in copper, sterling silver or gold?

Women — and men –have been asking that question since ancient days. Roman soldiers wore turquoise (from Turkey) for safety and success in their travels. Catholic priests still wear amethyst, representing humility and spiritual courage. I tend to reach for labradorite, which in addition to its beautiful blue and green and gold fire, offers intuition. Or fluorite, which is the Genius stone, the stone of creativity. I need that in my pocket every day! And then there’s lapis lazuli, the powerful Philosopher’s Stone of communication.

As you, the Divine Diva, the Powerful Goddess, the Soulful Woman celebrating every minute of her day, know all too well, you deserve to make a statement with your jewels. Whether it’s your earrings, or bracelets, or pendants, or chokers, or anklets — it’s all about you!

Not long ago I designed a gorgeous anklet of aquamarine and opals in sterling silver and gold for a bride on her wedding day.

Chrysocollawturquoise-silverA little later, a lovely lady who married in her 50s the man she was once engaged to at age 19 asked me to create a turquoise pendant for her in celebration of this new adventure in her life.

I’ve also created fun earrings of hand-dyed silks and gemstones for a young lady to wear at her prom.

Life should be full of celebrations! Thank you for choosing Reconfigured Art Jewelry!

Jacque Hillman

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